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How do I save my files to a CD using a Mac?


One option is to use Toast Titanium(TM) software (found on the Library's Media Studio Macs).

Step by Step: 
  1. Create and organize a folder on the desktop with the data you wish to burn. Leave your folder open.
  2. The CD-R goes in the slot on the right side of the iMac computer. If there is already a CD in the drive, eject it by hitting the eject button on the keyboard (in the upper right eject button ).
  3. Start Toast Titanium(TM) application (looks like a toaster).

  4. Click the Data tab in the Toast window.
  5. In the window's selection drawer, select ISO 9660 to ensure compatibility of your disc with both Windows and Mac.

    screen capture of the toast window showing the data tab, selection     drawer, and the record button

  6. Drag the files/folders prepared in Step 1 into Toast's drop zone.
    • Important! You cannot erase or re-record CD-R discs after this point--make sure you have the exact files you want before proceeding.
    • To view, add or delete these files within Toast, click the Select button.
  7. Start the CD recording process by clicking on the red Record button in the lower right corner of the Toast Window.
  8. Verify number of copies (1) and Write Speed (best) , then click Record to confirm the recording process.
  9. Eject your CD when Toast completes writing and displays the dialog box stating "Your disc is ready."
  10. Close Toast: from the Toast Titanium menu, select Quit Toast Titanium. When prompted, click Don't Save .

For more information or to request a consultation, contact the Service Desk at (434) 924-5444.