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Web Resources for Patient Education

Patients -- Are you looking for health information?
Please go to our  Patient & Family Library page.

Clinicians -- Are you Looking for UVa Supported Resources?

(These resources provide information about health conditions and procedures, care instructions, lab tests and medications):

Guidelines for developing education materials for patients and families

Micromedex CareNotes -Easy to read drug and diagnosis information and care instructions in English and Spanish and up to 13 other languages. No off-grounds access.

Patient Education Repository - UVa developed instructions, online video or handout links.

Healthcare and Biomedical Images for Patient Education - A list of image resources and how to access them.

Lexicomp - Access to this resource is from the Clinical Portal under UVA Formulary. Contains easy to read handouts for drugs in English, Spanish and up to 19 other languages for children and adults.

UVa Resources to address patient/family needs. Comprehensive overview of UVa services.

Need Detailed Patient-Friendly Health Information? - Information and health tools in English and Spanish with easy to read options and videos

Need Information in Other Languages?

Health Information Translations - Multiple topics, languages and links to other sources.

Ethnomed - Multiple topics, languages and links to other sources and cultural proviles.

Is Your Patient Deaf? - Information provided in American Sign Language.

Need help with effective health communication in general to meet the other unique needs of your patients/families (including cultural competence, health literacy, ethics & moral distress, patient safety) - Search

If you need training on web searches for reliable health information or need help with a search call Lydia Witman at