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Online tool that provides guidance from funders and UVa on how to write a data management plan for a grant proposal

Grants and Funding, Software Tools
Dryad Digital Repository

A repository for data from scientific publications that makes datasets discoverable, freely reusable, and citable. 


Free repository for research outputs such as datasets, available in a citable, sharable and discoverable manner.

HSL Literature Search Specialists

Search specialists work with you to perform free, comprehensive literature searches on your topic.

Expert Help
HSL Research and Data Services (RDaS)

Expert help with retrieving and organizing literature, managing data, finding collaborators, and identifying digital resources to support scientific research.

Expert Help
Information for Grant Seekers

HSL's guide to preparing grants including how to identify related research, grant opportunities, commonly used forms, writing tips, and UVa resources

Guides and Tutorials, Grants and Funding
ISA Tools

A software suite that helps create and manage metadata for life sciences and biomedical research.    

Bioinformatics and Data, Software Tools

NLM's online tool for managing citations and creating a bibliography for your NIH awards.

Grants and Funding, Citations/References, Software Tools
NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection

Nucleic Acids Research provides a list of over 1552 databases in molecular biology for topics ranging from sequence data to proteomics to gene expression.

Bioinformatics and Data, Software Tools
NCBI Education Resources

A variety of educational resources, including tutorials, problem sets, online tools, FAQs and documentation

Guides and Tutorials
NIH Data Sharing Repositories

NIH-supported data repositories that accept submissions of appropriate data from NIH-funded investigators (and others)

NIH Public Access Policy - HSL

HSL's guide to complying with the NIH Public Access Policy.

Guides and Tutorials, Grants and Funding
NIH PubMed Online Tutorial

Online video training as well as ready-to-print materials from NIH on searching PubMed

Guides and Tutorials, Citations/References

Repository of NIH-funded research projects, publications and patents resulting from NIH funding.

Grants and Funding
Online Bioinformatics Resource Collection

The OBRC contains links for over 2,457 bioinformatics databases and software tools. Through this page you can search the OBRC and other sources (e.g. the Nucleic Acids Research list) via one search box. 

Bioinformatics and Data, Software Tools
Open Helix Tutorials

Extensive and effective tutorials and training materials from Open Helix on popular genomics resources. UVa only: login through Netbadge required.

Guides and Tutorials, Bioinformatics and Data

UVa-licensed Web-based software for creating and distributing surveys.

Software Tools
Software Training at UVa

Visit our guide to groups that provide training at UVa, including in-person workshops, online training, and one-on-one consultations. Topics include SPSS, SAS, nVIVO, S-Plus, R, Matlab, Unix, Microsoft Access, and more.

Guides and Tutorials, Expert Help
UVa Alliance for Computational Science and Engineering (UVACSE)

Help with computationally-intensive research. UVACSE Tiger Teams work with researchers and their existing codes to address optimization, parallelization, workflow, checkpointing, and data management issues. The teams also assist with taking problems from conceptualization to code.

Expert Help
UVa BioConnector

A web portal for access to a suite of bioinformatics tools and experts, data analysis resources, de-identified clinical data, and a technology-enabled collaborative workspace.

Bioinformatics and Data
UVa Bioinformatics Core

Expert and timely bioinformatics consulting and data analysis solutions on both grant-funded and chargeback-based projects for management and analysis of large-scale biological datasets produced by high-throughput genomics experiments.

Bioinformatics and Data, Expert Help
UVa Box

Cloud-based storage and collaboration service to access, store, and share non-sensitive/moderately sensitive University files securely. UVa Box accounts are available for academic  faculty and staff (Agency 207), as well as degree-seeking students, but not to Medical Center faculty and staff (Agency 209).  Read more.

Software Tools
UVa Center for Survey Research

Services related to survey-based research including design, protocol development, data collection, analysis of results, and reporting.

Expert Help
UVa Clinical Data Repository (CDR)

Data warehouse that contains information about patients seen at the University of Virginia Health System.

UVa Data Management Consulting Group

Assistance with research data issues, including data documentation and sharing, and creation of data management plans for grant funding.

Expert Help
UVa GIS Support

Assistance with Geographic Information System (GIS) software, including ArcGIS, through the UVa Scholar's Lab.

Expert Help
UVa Hive

Access UVa-licensed, specialized software virtually, on your own computer, from home, office, or library.

Software Tools
UVa Libra

UVa’s online repository for scholarly works. Deposit preprints, published articles, dissertations and datasets in a central location to make them available for research and scholarship.


The Multi-Schema Information Capture (MuSIC) framework allows development of Web-based custom research databases for a variety of purposes, including research registries, studies that integrate clinical and other data such as surveys, and simple clinical studies that do not require a full-scale clinical trials management system.

Software Tools
UVA OpenGrounds Corner Studio

OpenGrounds Corner Studio is a space to collaborate with colleagues and meet others in the space. Students, faculty, staff and community members are invited to come work in the space, utilize the interactive technology and the white boards that line the studio walls, collaborate with colleagues, discuss projects, and share ideas. Open hours are listed here

Software Tools
UVa Public Health Sciences @ the Library

PHS @ the Library is a free consultation service for questions about research methods and statistics of a basic and introductory nature. The service is available to medical, nursing, and BIMS students, and Health System/School of Medicine researchers, residents, nurses and clinicians.

Expert Help
UVa Public Health Sciences Consulting & Collaboration Support

The UVa Department of Public Health Sciences (DPHS) provides Consulting & Collaboration Support to assist researchers with study design, data analysis, statistical graphics, outcomes and comparative effectiveness research, data base development and management and other multidisciplinary analytical services, such as evaluation methods, surveys and community engagement strategies.

NOTE: these services are offered to the School of Medicine, and are charged on an hourly rate basis.


Expert Help
UVa Research Computing

Provides assistance with data acquisition and mining, data analysis and statistical software, and mathematical and numerical software through consultations with the Research Computing staff.

Guides and Tutorials
UVa SHIVA (SHANTI Interactive Visualizations Application)

Online tools to produce interactive visualizations from various media (photographs, videos, texts) or structured data. Visualizations include charts, maps, images, timelines, video, and networks.

Software Tools
UVa Software Gateway

Consult this list of downloadable software available at UVa.  Titles include MATLAB, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Nvivo, and others.

Software Tools
UVa StatLab

Get advice and training in data analysis and statistical methods through individual consulting, workshops and short courses, and online tutorials

Bioinformatics and Data, Expert Help
UVa VizLab

Provides state-of-the-art visualization tools to allow researchers to interactively visualize and better understand their computationally-generated data.  Located in Rice Hall.

Guides and Tutorials, Bioinformatics and Data, Software Tools, Expert Help
Web of Science Tutorial

Online video training on searching Web of Science

Guides and Tutorials