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What are these?

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HSL Mobile Page

HSL Mobile Page

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HSL contact information

These are QR (Quick Response) codes. QR codes are a clever Japanese invention that are used for both linking objects in the physical world to information in the virtual world, and also for linking two sections of the virtual world. Originally used for tracking car parts, the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library has put these two-dimensional bar codes into use as a fast delivery method for recommended applications and mobile pages. Upon scanning the QR code for a particular app, your mobile device will direct you to the site where you may download it.

In order to access the information provided by QR codes, your mobile device must have both a camera and a "reader" app. There are several readers available for free download (including NeoReader, i-nigma, and BeeTagg), though some mobile devices have built-in readers. It is easy and free to generate QR Codes; if you're interested in learning how, you may read more here.


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