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Research and Data Services

We are here to provide expertise in information and data management to you, the researcher. We support your needs related to retrieving and organizing the scholarly literature, managing data, finding collaborators, and identifying new digital resources to support scientific research.

Research Support Services

Finding Funding

      • Let us help you set up alerts in Pivot and Grant Forward, UVa's online tools for finding public and private funding

Citation and Information Management

      • We can advise on the right tool to help manage your citations and make formatting your manuscript and bibliographies easy
      • Have issues managing all your files, documents, images and data efficiently? Let us advise on current solutions.

Information Retrieval

      • Work with a librarian to craft an expert search strategy for a comprehensive search of the literature or data on your topic
      • Automatically be alerted when new articles in your research area are published through our Current Awareness services

Research Impact

      • We consult on the best ways to ensure your work is seen by others 
      • Our team can put together a customized report of your publications with  metrics such as Times Cited, Impact Factor, etc.

NIH Access Policy

      • We can provide assistance on depositing articles to comply with the NIH Access Policy and publisher requirements

Data Services

Need help collecting, cleaning, wrangling, analyzing or visualizing data?  

Finding Data

      • Let us help you find the best UVa, Charlottesville, Virginia, national, or international datasets

Cleaning Data

      • We are here to help get your data into "tidy" format to ready it for analysis

Wrangling Data

      • Does your data need more help - maybe merging datasets or transformation? Let us help!

Analyzing Data

      • Our expert data specialists can assist with data analysis

Visualizing Data

      • Make your data tell your research story through visualizations