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How do I obtain citations, times cited, Impact Factor, and journal categories and rank for SOM Promotion and Tenure


Use Health Sciences Library services and databases to retrieve necessary information for your Papers Published or In Press section of your CV for School of Medicine Promotion and Tenure. See the following for instructions on how to to obtain Times Cited, Impact Factor, Category, and Rank data for each article.


NEW:the Library can generate a report with Times Cited, Impact Factor, Journal Category and Journal Rank data for SOM faculty publication lists. This saves a great deal of time on this process. To get help, email or request a consultation.


Step by Step: 
  1. Choose Web of Science from the Library home page from the list of Top Resources.
  2. You can search the Web of Science Core Collection, or All Databases (All Databases will occasionally result in more citations).
  3. To find a specific article, copy and paste the title of the article into the Basic Search box. Choose Title from the drop-down menu and click on the Search button. NOTE: omit ? symbols from your title (they will cause an error). Also, some titles change in the publication process, so you may want to search authors instead (see Step 8 below).

  4. From the Results list, see the Times Cited to the right of the title (see below). 
  5. To get the Impact Factor and Rank, click on the name of the journal.

  6. A pop-up window will appear with the Impact Factor. Below that, there are the Category/Categories and Rank(s):

  7. You may also perform an Author search on the Basic Search screen to find multiple articles by that author, and proceed as above.

    More Help

1. To find article citations (references) by a specific author, see "How do I search for authors in PubMed?"

2.To double-check Impact Factor and Journal Rank data, see "How do I search for Impact Factor and rank for a journal?"

3. To determine if a publication is peer-reviewed, consult the library's subscription to Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory. Search the journal by name, then look for the "refereed" symbol next to the name to indicate it is refereed, aka peer reviewed:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can I see how to format the citations in my CV for promotion and tenure?
A. See the SOM CV format guidelines (Word document) for guidance.

Q. The Journal Citation Reports (JCR) data is from 2015. Is that the latest edition?
A. Yes - the JCR is published once a year, typically in late June. The version issued in June 2016 contains the 2015 data, the latest that is available.

Q. What if I have a CV in print form, but have lost the Word copy and I'm trying to get the citations?  Do I have to search for all the citations again or can I convert it to digital form?
A. Our librarians are knowledgeable about methods to convert printed documents and PDFs to electronic form. One tool, HubMed, is especially helpful. Contact us via our consult form below for assistance with converting CVs.


For assistance with locating information for your CV, request a consultation with a librarian, or email