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How do I use the camera I checked out?


The Health Sciences Library checks out a variety of digital camera equipment. Use the checklist in this topic to learn about the equipment you have reserved.

Step by Step: 

Camera --

  • Our cameras use on-board flash-based memory. In most cases you just need to open up the viewfinder and press the red record button on the rear of the camera to start recording. The cameras are capable of fancier video recording; please see a library staff member if you are interested in using the cameras beyond their basic capacity.
  • If you are recording audio in a space larger than a 10' x 10' room, or need to record a specific sound in an area rich with background noises, we strongly encourage you to check out an external microphone as well.
  • You are responsible for your footage. You need to remove it from the camera before you check it back in if it is confidential. If you receive a camera with footage still on it, feel free to delete it. 

Power --

  • Your camera's battery life is approximately one hour.
  • You need to charge the battery before the first use. 
  • All cameras come with a charger cable that plugs into the camera at the DC-in plug. This plug can also be used to power the camera from a wall outlet for extended shooting.

Importing --

  • You will need to import the footage from the camera's flash drive before you return it. It is best to schedule time with a TEC Team member to do this when you check out a camera, as it can sometimes be tricky. We do not recommend that you wait until the last minute to import your footage.




For more information or to request a consultation, contact the Service Desk at (434) 924-5444.