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How do I create a data management plan?


Use the online DMPTool (


NSF and other funders require data sharing plans as part of grant applications. To meet data management plan requirements, researchers may use the DMPTool to create their data management plan. Staff from the U.Va. Library's  Research Data Services (RDS) group, along with teams at several other research institutions, developed the DMPTool application. For additional assistance, U.Va. Health System researchers are encouraged to consult with the Health Sciences Library's Research and Data Services team.

Step by Step: 


To create a data management plan, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the DMPTool at
  2. Click on the Get Started button.
  3. Choose University of Virginia from the list provided, and click on Next.
  4. Login to Netbadge (your U.Va. computing ID/password) to access the DMPTool.
  5. Click on the Create New DMP button to begin.
  6. Click on the Select Template button to select a template from a funder or institution and create a new DMP.  Note that you can also copy an existing DMP: see the list at right to copy one of your previous DMPs, or one shared by U.Va. or another user.

  7. Select the correct template for your funder and click on Next.
  8. In the DMP Overview window, give your DMP a name in the DMP Title box.  

    Note there are fields for other information, if desired. The default setting for Visibility is private, meaning this DMP can only be seen by you and your co-owners (as designed in the co-owner box).
    Click on Save and Next to continue.
  9. You now have a blank template to begin to populate with your information.  Note that there are several sources of help:
    1. The Instructions includes guidance from granting institution, and additional tips from that funder as well as the U.Va. RDS team.
    2. The Links are links to Web resources with more information, e.g. additional guidance and samples from the funder
    3. The Suggested Response contains boilerplate wording from the U.Va. RDS. Typically this is only for the sharing section of the DMP.

Each plan template has help resources under the Details tab while editing the DMP.  You can also reach this information from the My DMPs list by hovering over the DMP Name in the My DMPs list.

For help with the DMPTool itself, see the DMPTool Guide.

U.Va. biomedical researchers with questions about creating a data management plan are encouraged to contact the Health Sciences Library's Research and Data Services (RDaS) team.