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How do I copy DVDs using a Mac?


Use Toast Titanium(TM) in the Library's Media Studio.

Step by Step: 

Toast 7 Master Copy Window

  • Burn your DVD
    • To make multiple copies, click on the gear icon to the left of the eject button Record button and select Recorder Settings. In the window that appears, input the number of copies you'd like to make, then click OK .
    • Click Record. Toast will copy the contents of your original DVD. Depending on file size, this step may take several minutes or longer.
    • Remove your original DVD when it ejects.
    • Load your blank DVD-R when prompted. If you get a dialog box stating "You inserted a blank DVD. Choose what to do from the pop-up menu," click Ignore to close the dialog box.
    • Eject your DVD when Toast completes writing and displays the dialog box stating "Your disc is ready."
    • Close Toast: from the Toast Titanium menu, select Quit Toast Titanium. When prompted, click Don't Save



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