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How do I find reliable software applications for my mobile device?


Check out our suggestions for quickly finding good clinical and productivity apps!


Apps for mobile devices proliferate so quickly that even technology and information professionals have a hard time keeping up! Here we share some of the approaches we use to locate, evaluate, and recommend mobile apps for clinical or productivity needs.

Step by Step: 
  1. Understand that many app vendors will sell your aggregate data (e.g., kinds and numbers of searches) to companies in the healthcare industry
  2. Find useful apps:
  3. Evaluate the apps you find:
    • Is it published by a reputable vendor? (this can be a tricky one, as many new vendors actually understand the mobile platform far better than old standbys)
    • Does the user interface (navigation, structure, look and feel) seem easy for you to use and master, or does it feel awkward to you?
    • Is the cost fair for the simplicity or complexity of the product?
  4. Try it out!
    • The cost of most apps is free or minimal, so trying an app that seems like it meets your needs for a few weeks is a worthwhile risk! If it doesn't work for you, delete it and start again with step 1 to find a better app. Chances are, in the few weeks you've been trying out the app you didn't like, one that you will has come onto the scene.

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