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How do I get permission to reuse a chart/figure/graphic in a new publication?


To incorporate a chart, figure, graphic or other copyrighted content from a published work in your own publication, you must first obtain permission. Often a journal's Web page will have a link to the permission information. In other cases, this information is located on the publisher's website. Finally, some journals grant permission through a centralized Copyright Clearance Center.

Finding the permissions information page on a website can be difficult. This guide includes tips for locating permission information.

Step by Step: 
  1. Locate the website for the journal from which you wish to reuse content. This information can be found through the Health Sciences Library's Ejournals page, or, for journals UVa does not own, through NLM's LinkOut journal list.
  2. Some journals will have permissions information on the journal's Web page. Typically you will see a link called Permissions, Permission Department, Rights & Permissions, etc.
  3. If you do not see a link on the journal's Web page, find and click on a link to the journal's publisher.
  4. From the publisher's website, look for a link for requesting permission to reuse content. Again, this link will often be called Permissions, Permission Department, Rights and Permissions, etc, or may be listed under Contact Information .
  5. If the publisher information cannot be found, contact the Copyright Clearance Center. The CCC provides access to copyright permission for millions of publications worldwide.

For additional information about getting permission to reuse content, email or request a consultation.