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How do I insert a movie clip into PowerPoint 2010 for Windows?


In PowerPoint 2010 for Windows, use the file/insert - Movies and Sounds - Movie from a File method. "Movies" are desktop video files with formats such as AVI, QuickTime, Windows Media Video, and MPEG, with file extensions such as .avi, .mov, .qt, .wmv, .mpg, and .mpeg. Whether your movie file plays in PowerPoint or not depends on your version of Microsoft Windows, your version of Windows Media Player, and the video formats installed on your computer. If your movie clip will not insert or doesn't play, a fix is to convert it to a file format that PowerPoint supports. See the topic: How do I convert a movie file so it can be played in PowerPoint?

Step by Step: 
  1. Any movie you "insert" into PowerPoint 2010 is really only linked to your presentation; it plays from a location outside the PowerPoint .ppt file and is not embedded into it. When you insert the file, PowerPoint creates a link to the movie file's current location. If you later move the movie file to a different location, PowerPoint will not know where to find it when you want the file to play. So how can you make sure that PowerPoint will find your movie file to play it?

    Before you insert the movie file, create a folder and place your PowerPoint Presentation into it. Then place the movie into the same folder as your PowerPoint presentation. Then insert it into a PowerPoint slide. PowerPoint will create a link to it, and it will find the file as long as you keep it in the same folder, even if you move or copy the folder to another computer.

  2. On a Windows computer, open your PowerPoint file and navigate to the slide where you want to the movie to play.
  3. From the File menu, select Insert, then Video then Video from File. When prompted, choose whether PowerPoint will play the movie automatically or when you click on the image of the Movie.


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