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How do I export Ovid citations into EndNote for Windows?


Conducting a good Ovid search takes time and effort. Save yourself steps when you find the citations you want -- use Ovid's built-in tools to export search results directly into EndNote bibliographic database software.

Step by Step: 
  1. On the Library's Home page, in the Databases column, select Ovid MEDLINE.
  2. In the Ovid MEDLINE screen, perform your search. Follow the directions to refine your search if you so choose.
  3. Once you have completed your search, click Display.

    click Display to see display options for articles that match your     search
  4. Select each listed item you want to export to your bibliographic database by clicking its checkbox, then click Export.

  5. In the Export Citation List box, set Export to to Endnote (change from default RefWorks). Leave the default for Select Fields to Display as Citation+Abstract. Click Export Citation(s).

    Select Open with ResearchSoft Direct Export Helper (default), then click OK.

    select "Open with Researchsoft, etc."
    • If you are prompted to choose an Import Filter, see instructions below for installing all available Import Filters.
    • You will be prompted to choose the "library" (EndNote's term for database) into which you want to import your citations. The default location for EndNote libraries is C:\Program Files\EndNote.
    • The library will open, and you will be presented with only the citations you just imported into EndNote.
    • To see all of the citations in your library, from the References menu, select Show All References.
    Installing all available Import Filters
      • Default installation in later versions of EndNote includes only 100 files for Import Filters, Output Styles, and Connection Files.
      • If you need to update your installation to include these additional files, put in your EndNote installation disk and select Modify when prompted.

For additional information about importing downloaded citations from Ovid into EndNote, contact Inhye Son at (434) 924-0057 or Ask a Librarian  or at