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How do I export Ovid citations into RefWorks?


Use Ovid's built-in tools to export Ovid MEDLINE search results directly into RefWorks.

Step by Step: 
  1. On the Library's Home page, select Ovid MEDLINE from the Top Resources column.
  2. From the Ovid MEDLINE screen, perform your search. Click Display to see your search results. 
  3. Select each listed item you want to export to your bibliographic database by clicking its checkbox, then click Export

​Note:  There is a limit of 1000 citations per download in Ovid.

  1. In the Export Citation List popup box, RefWorks should be the default for Export To, and the default for Select Fields to Display is Complete Reference. Click Export Citation(s).

    Note: If you wish to use MeSH headings as your RefWorks descriptors, Citation+Abstract+Subject Headings is the option for Select Fields to Display.

  2. The RefWorks login screen will open. Choose "Export to Legacy RefWorks". If you do not already have a RefWorks account set up, you will need to create one. Use your UVa Computing ID (e.g. tj4u) for your Log-in Name to ensure compatibility with UVa resources.

  3. After logging in, a status window will appear telling you your reference(s) have been imported. Click on the link for Last Imported folder to see your imported references.

  4. The Last Imported Folder window will appear, and the imported Ovid MEDLINE references will have been added to your main RefWorks database.

  5. If you use folders and want to put the imported references into a specific folder, you may do so at this point. Select the references you want to save to a folder by checking the box to the left of the reference. From the Folder icon, select the desired folder. The selected references will be saved to the folder you chose.


For additional information about importing downloaded citations from OVID into RefWorks,  Ask a Librarian  or email