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How do I find PMCIDs for all my NIH-supported articles?


Perform a search in PubMed using the Author, Affiliation and PMID fields to generate a list of references and their PMC (PubMed Central) ID numbers unique to you.


NIH requires investigators to include the PMC (PubMed Central) ID (PMCID) for each article you publish that arose from NIH support. For people with unique last name/initial combinations, simple PubMed author searches suffice. For others with more common names, utilizing other PubMed strategies may help to generate a list of unique citations.

Step by Step: 

First, login to your My NCBI account. Note that you can now log into My NCBI via your UVa login.

  1. Under "My Bibliography," click Manage My Bibliography at the bottom.
  2. Click the Add citation button, then from the drop-down menu, select Citation from PubMed and click the Go To PubMed button.
  3. Click on Advanced under the PubMed search box to go to the "Advanced Search Builder."
  4. Use the builder to construct your search (see below). Change the first "All Fields" to Affiliation and enter University of Virginia. If you have additional affiliations, use the following boxes to list them. Make sure the change the connector to OR in front of any affiliations. Use the final box to enter author information: change "All Fields" to Author and enter your last name and first initial(s). Change the final connector to AND.
  5. Click Search to execute your search in PubMed.

  6. Using the "Send to" link above your results, choose My Bibliography to send your results to My NCBI.
  7. Now that you are back at My NCBI, you should see a list of all your publications, complete with both the PMID and PMCID, ready to go in your biosketch. You can then export this bibliography as text, or simply copy/paste. Finally, you have the option of making your bibliography public.
  8. If this search returns publications that are not yours (e.g. if there is another investigator with the same last name + initials currently or previously at the same institution) you can edit the search to omit these results one by one.
  9. In PubMed, edit your search using the NOT connector at the end of the search to omit specific articles by using the PubMed ID (PMIDs), e.g.:

    ((((university of virginia[Affiliation]) OR james madison[Affiliation]) OR vanderbilt[Affiliation]) OR hawaii[Affiliation]) AND Turner SD[Author] NOT (11514333[PMID] OR 11058553[PMID])

    Search Note: institutional affiliation is only included in PubMed for the first author of the article.

For additional information about searching PubMed for authors, Ask a Librarian  or at