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How do I share a folder or a database in RefWorks with colleagues? (RefShare)


Use RefWorks RefShare!

RefShare allows you to share your entire Refworks database or just specific folders with other RefWorks users, who can then export from a RefShared database or folder directly into their own RefWorks database.  RefShare provides control over what RefWorks users can do with the references, including exporting, printing, and generating a list of references. 

Step by Step: 
  1. To share references with another RefWorks user: 
  2. Login to your RefWorks account and click on Organize & Share Folders.
  3. If you would like to share your entire database (all references and all folders), click on the Share (a folder with the green arrow) icon to the right of "Share Entire Database".  To share a specific folder, locate the folder by name and click on the Share icon next to that folder.  Then you will be asked if you want to share your folder.  
  4.  Once you agree to "share" your folder, you will be prompted to set your Shared Folder Options.
  5. As owner of the database, you will determine in the Shared Folder Options what options and permissions your RefShare Recipients will have.   You can allow these options:
    • Determine what fields you want to share with your RefShare Recipients.
    • Allow RefShare Recipients the ability to post comments to your shared references.
    • Decide if you want to include in your shared folder or database any custom output styles or RSS feeds currently in your RefWorks account.
    • Enable an e-mail option that provides RefShare Recipients an easy way to contact you directly from the RefShared folder or database
    • Create RSS feed for your share.
    • Give your folder or database a title and a description.
  6. Once you set your options, click Save.  Close the Shared Folder Options window to return to the Organize & Share Folders tab.
  7. The folder icon will be changed to the Shared (a  folder with a person) icon.  Click on this icon, and you can get the URL for the shared references, which can be sent to your intended RefShare recipients. You can copy and paste this URL into your own e-mail, or, by clicking on the E-mail URL option, RefWorks will create a message with the URL and some information for the recipient on how to use RefShare to view your references.
  8. To cancel sharing, click Remove Share and the URL will be removed.  The Shared icon will then be changed back to the Share icon.
  9. To save RefShared references from a colleague to your RefWorks account:
  10. Log onto your RefWorks account before opening up the shared folder.  While your RefWorks account is open, click the link that was sent to you by your colleague.  Choose the references you'd like to import into your account and then click the "Save" icon.

  11. The references will be imported into your RefWorks account into your Last Imported  folder.  You can now move those references to the folder of your choice.



For additional information about sharing bibliographic records in RefWorks, Ask a Librarian  or email .