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How do I find research collaborators?


Use a variety of search tools to find collaborators at the University of Virginia and beyond.

Step by Step: 

To find University of Virginia collaborators:

  1. Use the UVa Research Faculty Directory to find faculty in the biomedical sciences. Two searches are available: 1) find faculty affiliated with the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Programs by keyword or discipline and, 2) search all biomedical research faculty by keyword, department, or name.
  2. Use Oscar, a website for scholarship, creativity and research at UVa. Oscar combines news stories, research projects, organization information and profiles from alumni, graduates, undergraduates, faculty and staff.

To find other collaborators:

Specialized search tools such as Web of Science and GoPubMed can help identify authors on a topic as possible collaborators.


  1. To use Web of Science to find authors, go to Web of Science from the Health Sciences Library's home page.
  2. Enter a topic of interest and click on Search.
  3. Click on Analyze Results on the right side of the screen:

  4. Leave Authors selected and click on Analyze:

  5. View the list below to see frequent authors on your topic:


  1. Use NIH RePORTER to find investigators with current or previous NIH funding. Go to
  2. Enter your topic of interest in the Text Search box, which searches project titles, abstracts, project terms, and acknowledged publications.
  3. The default search is for Active Projects. Use the Select button to add additional years to your search to reveal past funding.

  4. Click on the Submit Query button to execute your search.
  5. The results will be listed by Project. Click on the column headers to sort the results in different ways, e.g by Organization.

  6. You can also use the Data and Visualize tab to review the data.  Clicking on the tab provides a visual of organizations by projects and subprojects. On the right, you can click on the links for projects and subprojects to view a list of the specific projects and PI's.

For additional information about finding collaborators, request a consultation or email