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How do I keep up with news in my field (via RSS feeds)?


Receive the latest article links and/or news headlines all in one place through an RSS reader.

Instead of visiting individual websites to view tables of contents and news items, you can read your favorite sources all in one place through an RSS reader. RSS is the technology used by thousands of websites, such as news sites, journal publishers, and PubMed, to deliver headlines and article citations directly to your desktop as RSS "feeds". Choose which sources to subscribe to and the reader automatically downloads the links as they are published. Some sites, such as PubMed, even let you subscribe to subject searches as RSS feeds, showing new results when items are added which match your saved search strategy.

To get started, first choose a reader (see list in Resources) and then subscribe to one or more news feeds. To subscribe to the Library's Moore Library News feed, click on the RSS link located on the news page, then choose a reader.

Step by Step: 
  1. Choose an RSS reader (see list in Resources below).
  2. Subscribe to an RSS feed. Links to feeds appear on many news and publication websites and often are indicated by a link to "article feeds" and/or the RSS symbols . Subscribe to a feed by following the instructions specific to your reader.
  3. Check your RSS reader to view publications or news items. Each reader denotes which feeds are new since your last visit. 


RSS Readers

Popular Health-Related Feeds
(Follow instructions provided by your reader of choice to subscribe to feeds)




For additional information about RSS feeds, request a consultation or email us at .