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How do I access my HSCS encrypted USB drive on a Library computer?


Health System Computing Services requires encryption for patient data stored on USB drives used by clinical staff and faculty. HSCS recommends that you have a section of the drive decrypted for storing non-patient-related information. Please follow the steps below if you encounter problems using an HSCS encrypted USB drive in the Health Sciences Library, or request assistance from the Library's Rover service.

Step by Step: 
  1. If you would like to have non-patient files on your drive decrypted permanently, take your drive to an HSCS managed computer (in your office or clinical area) and call HSCS at (434) 924-5334 while at that computer. HSCS will decrypt the drive for you over the phone, leaving a separate folder encrypted for storage of patient data.
  2. When you insert your decrypted drive, click on the 2nd option that pops up.
  3. If your drive has not been decrypted, plug your encrypted USB drive into a USB port of any public Windows computer in the Library. USB ports on the computer itself, rather than those on the monitors, are preferred in this case.
  4. If a window pops up asking you what you'd like to do, click Cancel. If not, skip to Step 3.

  5. On the computer's desktop, doubleclick My Computer to open it.
  6. Locate the USB drive in the My Computer window, it may be called " Credant EMS ." Right click on the USB drive (Credant EMS), then select Explore from the pop-up menu.

  7. Right click on Access Encyrypted Files, then select Properties from the pop-up menu.

  8. In the Access Encrypted Files Properties window, click the Find Target button.

  9. Doubleclick EMSExplorer.exe.

  10. Log in with your encryption password when prompted. This password is the one you set when encryption was enabled, not necessarily your HSCS password.

  • For help with encrypted drive password resets, assistance using encrypted USB drives in locations other than the Health Sciences Library, or to request your drive be decrypted, contact Health System Computing Services (HSCS) at (434) 924-5334.