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How do I access Micromedex from my mobile device?



Download the Micromedex app via the iTunes App Store (Apple devices), Google Play (Android devices) or the Windows Store (Windows 8 devices).  When the app is used for the first time, a password is required: follow the steps below to locate it in the Web version of Micromedex.  

Step by Step: 

1. Visit the iTunes App Store (Apple devices), Google Play Store (Android devices) or the Windows Store (Windows 8 devices) and search for "Micromedex.”  There are two apps available for UVA’s subscription - Drug Reference and Drug Interactions.  

  • For Apple and Windows 8 devices, download “Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet subscribers” and "Micromedex Drug Interactions."
  • For Android devices, download  “Free Micromedex Drug Reference”  and "Micromedex Drug Interactions."

2. From all the Micromedex app results, select Free Micromedex Drug Reference for Internet Subscribers (Apple devices and Windows 8 devices) or Free Micromedex Drug Reference (Android devices), and Micromedex Drug Interactions (all devices).  You may be prompted to enter your Apple, Google or Windows ID.

3. The app should download directly to your device. (If you visited the iTunes App Store on your PC rather than your device, you may have to sync your device to iTunes on your PC, in order to load the app onto your device.)

4. Open the app on your device. You will then be asked for a password. 

5. To get the password, you must go into the Web version of Micromedex:

  • From the following page, under Micromedex Access, click on Micromedex (in the center of the page).
  • Once you are in Micromedex, click on Download Center at the top-right corner of the page .  

  • The password is listed in Step 4. 
  • The password is case-sensitive so enter it exactly as it appears on the page.
  • The password expires once a year, so come back to this page to get a new password when expired.



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