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How do I access UVa library resources as a preceptor?


Preceptors who work with UVa students are eligible access to library resources, including online resources subscribed to by the UVa libraries. Access to UVa licensed resources such as online books, journals, and search tools (e.g. Ovid MEDLINE) is protected. To access these resources from outside UVa, you will need to use the UVa proxy server.

August 2015: unable to access library resources suddenly? Computing security changes at UVa may mean you need to reset your proxy password. Please call the Access Management Office at 434-924-0817 for assistance in re-enabling your account.

Step by Step: 

Special instructions for preceptors to use the proxy to connect from off-Grounds:

  1. Start on a library page (either HSL or any UVa Library), then find the resource you need via one of our tools (e.g. PubMed, E-Journals, E-books).
  2. When prompted for Netbadge, click the Don't Have Netbadge? link on the login page instead.

  3. If you already have a UVa Computing ID and Proxy password, enter them in the resulting form and click Sign In. If you do not yet have a Proxy password, click the request an account link.
  4. Create your Proxy password on the resulting page if needed. If you have forgotten your Proxy password, complete this step to recreate it. If you do not have a University ID Number (9 digits on the back of a University Photo ID), use your Social Security Number.
  5. Once you have your account, return to Step 3 and enter your UVA Computing ID in the Username box and Proxy password you just created in the Password box. If you don't know your University Computing ID, look it up on the UVa People Search page by searching for your name.
  6. Doesn't work? Contact us at 434-924-5444 or Ask a Librarian.


    After you have created your Proxy account and password, install the Moore Access browser button for UVa-level access from Google, PubMed, or any non-UVa site.

    Want access from your iOS mobile device? Install the Mobile Moore Access button.

  • Make sure Javascript and cookies are enabled in your browser.
  • For help with accessing restricted Library resources from outside the University, Ask a Librarian or at
  • For additional help, check out the ITS proxy information page or contact the ITS Help Desk at 434-924-4357 for more information.
  • Note to Health System VPN users: Many journals and databases cannot be accessed through the Health System VPN connection. Use EZproxy for full access to UVa Library resources from outside the University.