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How do I export a publication list for a single faculty member from the UVa Faculty Profiles system?


There are several ways to obtain a file listing of your publications, depending on how much you want to customize the output.

Step by Step: 

Option 1: Quick list of all your journal articles in APA format

This is a basic download with one format (APA 6th edition) in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest). If you need more options for your list of publications, use one of the options below.

  1. Log in to the system at via your Netbadge ID and password.
  2. Under the My Publications section, note the Export button next to Journal articles (see below).


  3. Click on the down arrow next to Export.
  4. Choose Word or PDF. A file will be downloaded with your publications.

Option 2: list of specific publications (e.g. only the last year) in APA format

  1. Click on the Journal Articles link above (not the Export button).
  2. Use the Sort By to make sure the articles are in the order you would like.
  3. Use the Filter results on the left to choose the reporting date you would like to cover. NOTE: use the calendar rather than typing in dates, as the dates are in UK format. Click the Filter button to apply this Filter to your results.
  4. Click the Select all on page option above the results, and click the Export button to save the citations.
  5. Choose Export to Word (APA6).

Option 3: Export to Excel

The Export button above also offers an CSV option, which can be opened in Excel. However, this will return many duplicates of your publications and is not recommended.

Option 4: Export to a citation manager (e.g. RefWorks, EndNote) and create bibliography (or Excel file)

  1. As above, click on the Export button next to Journal articles.
  2. Choose RIS and note the location where this file is downloaded.
  3. Follow the instructions for your citation manager software to import this file. (Need help? Contact us at
  4. Once your publications are in your citation manager, you can export them in different formats for word, or, to an Excel file where they can be sorted.

Option 5: Have a designated research manager create a report

Project staff at the library and in various departments are designated as Research Managers for the UVa Profiles System, and have privileges to create reports. If you would like a specialized report (e.g. only publications for certain years, or with specific data included/excluded), please send your request to and we will work on the report with you.

Coming soon: NIH Biosketch export