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How do I handle duplicate records for the same publication in the UVa Faculty Profiles system?


Use the “Join” feature in the UVa Faculty Profiles system to join matching records into one record for your list of Publications.


Generally, the Faculty Profiles system automatically merges publication records from two different sources (e.g. PubMed and Web of Science) into one record.  Occasionally, this merge does not occur (mostly because of slight differences in the citations) and you will have two entries for one publication.

Step by Step: 

1. Decide what you want to do with the duplicate records: merge them, reject the duplicate, or hide the duplicate. Merging the duplicates is recommended and is outlined directly below.  Jump below to learn how to reject publications.

2. Log into

3. Identify any duplication publications in your My Publications list (sorting the list by title may help). Use the green button with a wheelbarrow to select both publications.

4. Scroll to the top of the page and click on the ribbon icon to go to the Workspace with the two items you just checked:

5. In the workspace, click the check boxes for the two publications and then the Join button at the top of the records:

6. A yellow banner will appear that the publications are joined, and now only one citation will appear. 

7. Click the orange button with a wheelbarrow icon to the right of the citation to remove it from the workspace and return it to your list of publications.

8. To reject a publication, use the red circle x to the right of the citation. NOTE: citations come from two sources, Web of Science and PubMed. Web of Science citations are indicated by an orange circle; PubMed by a blue helix (see below). You may want to be consistent in terms of which citation you keep and which you reject.



For assistance with merging duplicates in your profile, please contact or fill out a Consultation Request form.