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How do I import references from PubMed to my RefWorks account?


To keep up to date with your references, conduct a search and select your records in PubMed, then export them from PubMed into RefWorks.

Step by Step: 
  1. On the Health Sciences Library home page, select PubMed.
  2. In PubMed, perform a search in the Search Box, then click Search.
    pubmed search box
  3. Select the checkbox for each record you want to import into RefWorks, select Citation Manager from the Send to pulldown menu, then click the Create File button. Note that a maximum of 500 references can be exported at one time.
    PubMed results list
  4. Choose "Save file" when asked. The file will be saved as "citations.nbib" in a directory of your choice.
    Saving PubMed results
  5. On the Health Sciences Library home page, select RefWorks.
  6. Login with your user name and password at the RefWorks Login page, then click Login.
    RefWorks login
  7. Under References, select Import.
  8. Select NLM PubMed from the Import Filter/Data Source pulldown menu, then click Browse to find the text file that was just downloaded (citations.nbib).
    RefWorks import filter
  9. Click Import
  10. Click View Last Imported Folder to see the references you just imported.
    Viewing Results in Last Imported Folder in RefWorks

You have now imported your references from PubMed into RefWorks.


For additional information about exporting PubMed citations into RefWorks, Ask a Librarian or email .