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How do I keep my RefWorks databases when leaving UVa?


If you leave the University of Virginia, you will no longer have access to the UVa RefWorks subscription, unless you are graduating from a degree program. However, you may want to keep your RefWorks databases for future use. You may do so by transferring your UVa RefWorks account to another institutional account, to an individual account, or exporting your references to EndNote, Reference Manager, or a database of your choice. You will need to backup or export your data before departing the University regardless of which method you use. Otherwise, you will lose your files.

UVa alumni are now able to retain their RefWorks accounts upon graduation. If you are graduating from UVa, please see our topic How do I keep my RefWorks databases when graduating from UVa?


Step by Step: 
  1. If you are moving to another institution that provides you with access to RefWorks, you may transfer your UVa account to the new institutional account.
    • Back up your RefWorks databases by selecting Tools -> Backup/Restore and make a backup of your database.

    • After establishing your new account, restore your RefWorks database. In your new account, select Tools -> Backup/Restore and use the restore option to add the .rwb file to your new account.
  2. Transfer your UVa RefWorks account to an individual account. There is an annual fee of $100 for personal subscriptions.
    • Back up your RefWorks database, then after establishing your new account, restore your RefWorks database (see Step 1 above).
  3. Export your references.
    Export your references in several formats using one of RefWorks Export options.
    • To export, select References -> Export.

    • You can export the entire database in a format that is compatible with other bibliographic software such as EndNote or Reference Manager. For Export Format, choose Bibliographic Software (EndNote, Reference Manager ProCite), then click Export References.

For additional information about generating a bibliography in RefWorks, Ask a Librarian or email