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How do I search for authors in PubMed?


Use PubMed's author search features to retrieve references by a specific author.


Author searching in PubMed is fairly straightforward, but follow the tips below to make sure your author search is comprehensive.

Step by Step: 

1. Click on PubMed from the list of Databases on the Health Sciences Library home page.

2. Enter the author's last name and initials in the search box.  Do not use punctuation.  Click on the Search button.

3. The results will be returned in reverse chronological order (newest references first).  To export the references, click on the Send to: menu.  By default, all your results will be saved.  You can use the Filters to the left of the search to limit your results (e.g. to the last 5 years) if desired.

4. You can export the references in several ways.  Choosing File will save a text file with the references.  Choosing Citation manager will export the references in a format that can be imported into reference management programs like RefWorks.  (See "How Do I Import References from PubMed to my RefWorks Account?" for instructions).

5.  You can also choose different formats for your references (e.g. to include abstracts) and different sorting options:


1. For common last names, you may have to search by last name and first name.  Note that full author names are only available on PubMed records from 2002 forward.

2. Enter the name on the main search box as before, but this time with last name, first name initial, and click on the Search button:

3. Including author affiliation (i.e. institution) may be helpful in your search, but BEWARE: author affiliation is included for first authors only until 2014.

4. To include the affiliation in your search, click on Advanced search. Use the drop-down menus in the Builder to choose the correct fields for each search term.  Enter your search terms and click on Search.

4. The Builder can also be used to see variations on author names in PubMed. From the Builder, choose Author or Author - Full:

5. Type the last name, first initial in the search box. A list of searching possibilities will be presented. You can search these, one at a time, for the most comprehensive search possible. Note that spelling mistakes are rare, but can happen.



For additional help with Author searching in PubMed, watch this videorequest a consultation with a librarian, or email