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How do I use EndNote’s “Find Full Text” feature to find the full text for the references in your EndNote Library (database)?


EndNote has a feature to help you automatically retrieve full-text PDFs for the references in your Library.  While this option may not find all the PDFs available to you, it is a good start. By Adding an OpenURL link under “Preferences…” you can configure EndNote to “Find Full Text” available through UVa Library subscriptions.

Step by Step: 
  1. Open EndNote and go under Edit ->Preferences
  2. Under “Find Full Text,” check the box next to OpenURL and add “” in OpenURL Path.
  3. To be able to use this feature off-Grounds, add  “” in Authenticate with.


  4. Once the URL is added, after selecting the references for which you want to find full text, go References -> Find Full Text -> Find Full Text…  This process will find and attach available PDFs to the references in your Library.



Note:  This feature may not be able to find all UVa-subscribed full texts. 

Here is how to manually find and attach full text to the references.

  1. Do a search in PubMed using the title or the author’s name.   If there is already a URL inserted in your reference, click it and you will be taken to the record of the reference in the database. You may click to get to the full text by clicking the publisher’s icon, or the Find@UVa button.
  2. If there is full text available, save the PDF in the designated folder of your choice. Name the file using the title, journal title, author’s name or date so the file name is meaningful to you.
  3. Open the reference in question.Drag and drop the PDF file that you just saved.
  4. The file will appear in the “File Attachment” section in the reference.




For more information or to request a consultation, Ask a Librarian.