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How do I use JBI (The Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database) Database and Tools


Go to the Health Sciences Library homepage from the Clinical Portal or

Step by Step: 
  1. Go to the Health Sciences Library homepage from the Clinical Portal or
  2. Click on the "Nurses" page under the Professional drop-down box on the homepage.  Scoll down the lit of Scholarly Resources or click on "More Databases" and search alphabetically under " J."

  3. Use keywords to search:

  4. You will see how many "results" were found using your seach term.  Related terms are listed on the left of the results display.  If there are results you want to see, you will need to click on the JBI Database PDF.

    Here is an example of a portion of a JBI PDF:

  5. Using EBP Tools
    These will require you to create a personal account the first time you use any of the Tools. Click on "My Account" and then create a new "Personal Account" and follow instructions to set up your account.

  6. Once you’ve created your account, click on EPB Tools in the blue menu bar. You will see a drop down menu of tools. With this tool you can create your own journal club and keep up-to-date with the latest research in a social and relaxed environment while learning how to critically appraise research papers using a standardized checklist. Here is an example of what you will see when you open the JBI Journal Club Tool. To start with Journal Club, click on "Create a New Session."

  7. For the Journal Club, you will be asked to input information about the article you will be reviewing.  You can upload a PDF from your computer or put the URL of the article in the correct box.  Then you will need to indicate that you have read the JBI Journal Club "Terms of Use."

  8. To begin a journal appraisal, you must choose a "Study Design" from the drop-dwon menu.  Once that is completed, the rest of the steps are customized for that article type.  You must follow the steps and input as much information as possible in each category.

  9. Once you have completed your appraisal, you can send invitations to others to join your session.  The invitees will receive an email like the one below.  Once they activate their account or sign in through an existing account, members will be able to see the article you evaluated, the evaluation, and then be able to post their own comments about the appraisal.

  10. For more detailed information about JBI Journal Club, go to the "User Manual" here: .
    For information about all the JBI EBP Tools, go to OVid Online Training here: . Click on Joanna Briggs Institute on the the left-hand menu.